Popcorn Swapping Message Board

Looking for popcorn? Looking to get rid of it? Looking to save yourself a trip to our warehouse on a Saturday? This is the spot to post your excess inventory, wants, needs, and desires. Connect with local packs/troops/crews to get you what you need to keep your sale moving forward. Use this as a message…

Welcome to the SKC Popcorn info page! Check back regularly for updates
Exchange DAY INFO: Our main warehouse (3545 Urbancrest Industrial Dr Grove City, OH 43123) will be open from 8AM-9:30AM this Saturday, October 3rd to process returns and give out additional product. Here is the inventory that will be available. If you need an item that is low, there is a chance you will not get it.  All items are first come, first served and distributed at the discretion of our staff. Be warned, people arrive very early. For those coming out on Saturday, here is a diagram of how we need cars queued in the morning. There will be a cone marking the spot for the first car to park. The #2 arriving car should park directly to the left of car #1. #3 arriving directly to the left of #2. #4  directly behind #1 starting a new row. Look at the diagram and it should be crystal clear (haha). We have limited space in the parking area and must keep an exit lane open (see diagram). Also, keep an eye out for semi-trucks and if a semi-driver asks you to move because you are blocking them in, please do so. And as always, stay positive and flexible and we will all get through this.
So, you think you need more product , eh? Well, it sounds like your sale is off to a good start. Great news! You have a few options to get more product at this juncture. First, obviously shuffle what you have- If you have scouts with product, collect and redistribute. This can be super useful if you have a short-term need for product to stock a storefront sale. The second is to post your needs on the product swap board on our website. We already have swap forms coming in. Be proactive and post your needs. It can’t hurt. Be sure you email a single swap form in for each trade.  
Warehouse Help Registration  
Information coming soon!
Making sure you have all the information you need to run a successful popcorn sale is important to us.  Let us know how we can help you.