Popcorn Swapping Message Board

Looking for popcorn? Looking to get rid of it? Looking to save yourself a trip to our warehouse on a Saturday? This is the spot to post your excess inventory, wants, needs, and desires. Connect with local packs/troops/crews to get you what you need to keep your sale moving forward. Use this as a message…

Welcome to the SKC Popcorn info page! Check back regularly for updates
If you forgot to order your Military Donations as a part of your take order, please email them to skcswap@gmail.com. 
If you still need a few products…
We are going to open up the PRP order system again after Thanksgiving for a very short amount of time. Stay tuned- I will email/post here the details, but you will be able to place a final (for real this time!) order for any random items you need.
If you haven’t paid you invoice for Show and Sell yet- Please do so!
Take-Order Payments are due no later than 12/14 (the same day for prize sheet orders)
I’m putting the finishing touches on the SKC $1250 and $1500 (and Top-10) sign-ups. It will be emailed out shortly and posted here.
If you had a Scout sell this year who had an old Trails-End scholarship account. Fill this out and return to me (marshall.long@scouting.org).
Last week the registered Popcorn Kernel received an email invoice with the balance due. Please remit payment for your unit's Show N Sell order this week. Checks can be made out to Simon Kenton Council and sent to the Leadership Development Center at 807 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212. Attn Popcorn.
Let’s talk prizes: Star Lanes Polaris info (for every Scout who sells $1250 or more): Each qualifying scout will receive a game card with two hours unlimited play for arcade games at Star Lanes Polaris location. The cards don’t have redemption value on any of the games that dispense prizes or tickets, but will work on all of the games including 55 (!) video arcade games. There will be a separate sign-up for kernels to enter qualifying scouts. Scouts will pick up their card at the Star Lanes beginning in January.
SKC Columbus Blue Jackets Experience (for every Scout who sells $1,500 or more): Qualifying scout’s will receive two free tickets to the Columbus Blue Jackets game on Friday 3/4/16. Scout’s and their guests will be seated in a special section of on Nationwide Arena and have the opportunity to take a slap shot on the ice after the game! And yes, if a Scout sells $1,500 dollars they get BOTH prizes!    
Information coming soon!
Making sure you have all the information you need to run a successful popcorn sale is important to us.  Let us know how we can help you.