2016 Popcorn Swapping Message Board

Looking for popcorn? Looking to get rid of it? Looking to save yourself a trip to our warehouse on a Saturday? This is the spot to post your excess inventory, wants, needs, and desires. Connect with local packs/troops/crews to get you what you need to keep your sale moving forward. Use this as a message…

Welcome to the SKC Popcorn info page! Check back regularly for updates

Greetings Popcorn Sellers!!

One option for getting additional popcorn is to brave the lines and head to a Saturday Exchange Day. What’s that mean? Read on sellers…

Select Saturdays during the sale (Starting this Saturday 24th), our main warehouse will be open from 8AM to 9:30 AM. You will have the opportunity to get more product plus make any returns of items not selling. Check Inventory HERE

Each product is first come, first served and is distributed at the discretion of the warehouse staff. This means if you ask for 73 cases of popping corn, you likely won’t get it. Remember, this is all consignment popcorn and there is a finite amount of it.

Make sure you check the inventory list on our website before you consider coming out. If you are looking for a particular item and there is a low available quantity, I would recommend not wasting a trip. Also, if you are going to be waiting in line anyway, you might as well print out some product swap forms and do some wheeling and dealing in the parking lot. Just make sure it’s filled out properly and is emailed to skcswap@gmail.com so we can update your invoices. You might be able to get everything you need in the lot before the doors open.

The lineup procedure for this Saturday will be as follows:

The first car arriving should back into the space directly across the parking lot from the drive in door. This would be the SW corner of the parking lot closest to the sliding gate you drove through when picking up Show and Sell items. I’ll try to put a cone out ahead of time where the first car should back in. The next arriving car should park next to the first (to the north -towards the closed fence end at the far end of the parking lot), and so forth. Cars will be signaled to drive in by a staff person beginning at 8AM. Again, all products are distributed at the discretion of the staff and don’t plan on getting everything on your wish list! Please note, if you are planning on getting up really early and being the first one in line, the sliding gate to enter the lot will likely be closed. No worries, there is no lock, just carefully slide it all the way open and let yourself in the lot. Please use the bungee cord to secure the gate open (not making this up. It will try to close on you if you don’t).

If you haven’t been to the warehouse before we are in the SW unit of building 95 Heritage Drive Pataskala, OH 43062. If you plug this into your GPS it will route you to the wrong side of the building. Simply take the next right (if you are westbound) after the light at Etna Parkway from Rt. 40. Bear right into the parking lot on the west side of the building (through a sliding gate).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are all looking forward to another great year of popcorn sales!




Information coming soon!

Making sure you have all the information you need to run a successful popcorn sale is important to us.  Let us know how we can help you.